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I have been on the lookout for the perfect lap stand for my tablets, and this is the closest to perfection I''ve found. Yes, it''s a little pricey, but then, there''s really nothing else quite like it on the market. I''ve tried several lap stands, and what they all share in common, is instability. I have a bad case of carpel tunnel and need a lap stand that can bear almost all of my tablet''s weight and hold it upright securely, so I can swipe and poke the screen without any wobbling. Apparently, all of that is a tall order for a lap stand, but this one manages to do the trick. Flipy is basically a triangular piece of foam with ledges on all 3 sides for your tablet to rest upon. Each of the 3 sides offers a slightly different viewing angle and I''m partial to the one that holds the tablet almost completely vertical. The foam is covered by a soft fabric with a zipper closure. The fabric feels soft and a little velvety. There''s a lot of loose fibers and threads from the factory, but nothing that''s a deal breaker. I wish the zipper pull tucked away better and remained more hidden, but that''s just my personal preference. As it is, it''s sort of in the way for my taste. I''m using this atop another pillow in my lap and the Flipy stays in place rather well. I can poke and swipe my tablet with as much force as I want and Flipy stays put and supports my tablet nicely. I''ve used this with a Kindle Fire HDX and an iPad Air 2, and it fits both nicely. My carpel tunnel is really happy with this lap stand and I''m able to enjoy tablet time without any cramps or issues. Flipy is soft when squished but very firm and holds its shape. It''s lightweight and looks well made. What sold me on it was the design, viewing angles, and most importantly, the stability it offers. I personally haven''t found anything better suited for my needs. I was given this free in exchange for an honest review, which was nice because this isn''t cheap. Though I have to say, after trying it, the cost seems worth it if you need something sturdy and functional. Beats wasting money on something cheaper that doesn''t work.

My neck hurts during a long time reading. This stand is very helpful. Just order another one to my family.

I wasted time trying anothers brand and returned it. The description even said super soft. It was very scratchy. Half the price but you get what you pay for, this is perfect! They really researched the angles and it shows. I can lay almost flat and comfortably be on my iPad. It’s suede like so incredibly soft. Love it!

I went looking for a bed stand for nightly Bible reading. Most stands seem to be made for iPads, Kindle's, etc... and this stand is no different. I was a bit concerned since it seems like most reviewers use electronic devices with the Pillow Lap Stand so I decided to give this a shot hoping my Bible and regular books would fit as well. Luckily for me, it works! Pictured, you will see my Full-Size Bible fitting (which is the largest book I own). I can only use 1 angle for it, but it works great! I also use a Kindle for certain books, so the Pillow Lap Stand double's and works great for it as well! Overall ~ This soft stand is a bit expensive no doubt, and that's why I was hesitant. But when comparing to other stands on the market, I feel this is the best one out right now! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to a friend, just wish it was priced a bit cheaper!

I came across this product by chance- I didn't know such a thing existed. I knew right away that I needed it. I have not been disappointed! I have been using it with my phone and my tablet. I like the different angles you can get by 'flipping' it around. It is a quality product. The cover material is soft and plush. It is a thick wedge product that seems as firm as a couch cushion with a memory foam-like material. I plan to buy more for gifts!!

The first time I saw the ad, I knew I need this. The quality is quite good.