Most Causes of Hair Loss


Hair loss can be a problem to anyone, from children, adults, parents, men and women. Of course the problem of hair loss to be very disturbing if not treated immediately. To be able to treat hair loss, we first need to know what causes hair loss treatment that can precisely and efficiently.

The following is a cause of hair loss:

# Pregnant and lactating
During pregnancy, centered on the oxygen needs of the fetus. Therefore, the supply of oxygen to be reduced so that the hair can cause hair loss. When breastfeeding, the hormone prolactin production will increase, resulting in the oil glands in the scalp to be increased. This resulted in the condition of the hair become more oily and limp so easy to fall

# Undergoing therapy and the use of hard drugs
While undergoing therapy, radiation and the effects of the use of hard drugs is certainly not inevitable. Most of these effects is the increased amount of hair loss. But usually after the therapy is completed and stopped taking medication then your hair condition will gradually improve

# Stress
When we are experiencing stress, hormone production becomes unstable, eat and sleep becomes irregular, too. Of course this condition can lead to hair loss. Therefore, we avoid stress as much as possible in a way to relax or do things that make us feel relaxed

# Age
While still a teenager, your body can easily absorb nutrients, as well as hair. However, as we age, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients also decreases so that the condition of our hair can easily become dry and fall off easily

# Dandruff
It is common knowledge that the dandruff in addition to making a very itchy scalp can cause hair to fall out

# Wearing the veil
while wearing a headscarf, hair is definitely going to be closed so that the condition of the hair is damp and easily fall out. Therefore, if we wear the hijab, give your hair a chance to “breathe” and do not ever wear a headscarf while hair is still damp conditionsThis is being categorized within causes of hair loss after childbirth topic plus causes of hair loss and breakage topic plus causes of hair loss and fatigue topic also causes of hair loss and brittle nails subject as well as causes of hair loss and dry skin topic .

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