Oily Skin Face – Solutions and Causes


Some people are gifted with beautiful and remarkably non oily face. What if you have an oily skin face? Seeing your shining nose can be very frustrating. If you have makeup on your face, the excess oils can remove them. You should be aware that oil glands are the culprit and it targets your t-zone which includes your forehead, chin, and nose. You have to wash your face at least twice a day – morning and night. It wouldn’t be a great idea to overdo the washing because if your face dries out, the oil glands will tend to produce more oil.

Try to keep a supply of blotting paper. You can use it to blot your face, specifically the t-zone. This can lessen the shine and you can purchase them from local stores. However, this can cost you a bit so a less costly option would be using a white tissue paper. When purchasing facial products, you have to get oil-free ones. Those with extra moisturizer are not ideal as this can make the oil problem worse. Another product that you can use is toners because they can decrease oil production. Pick toner that is alcohol free and it’s best to get one that contains more of hazel.

To prevent more oil production, you have to stay away from greasy foods like chocolate, fried foods, and burgers. Your body should be hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses a day. If you’re looking for the best face cream in the market, you can opt for the Bare Escentuals. The moisturizer will keep your skin healthy, bright, plump, and firm. You can also try facial scrubs and you can get from a reputed boutique or beauty store in your area. If you want more information about oily skin face, you have to do your homework.

At times, the oily face is also due to genetics. Some people have sebaceous glands that are overproducing oils. Some individuals tend to have extremely oily skin while others have normal skin. If genetics is the problem, you might find it hard to combat this problem. Hormone imbalance is another cause of overproduction of oils. Androgen reacts with sebaceous glands which also lead to oily skin especially among teens. Women who are taking pills, in the menopause stage, or are pregnant are also prone to oily skin because of the hormone imbalance.

Certain cosmetics, skin cleaning, and soaps can also lead to oily skin. This is the reason why you need to avoid products that contain extra moisturizer ad alcohol (as mentioned earlier). If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, your skin will also become healthy; be reminded that ‘YOU are what you eat’. Other things that you should look into are the medications that you’re currently taking, humidity and heat, working condition, and smoking. Smokers tend to have enlarged pores that excrete oils. If you truly want to address your oily skin face, you have to check your lifestyle. Live a healthier lifestyle and monitor the products you’re using to put at end to your oily skin.

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