Some of The Best Wedding Makeup Tips for You


During the big wedding day, everyone should look their best. The women of the wedding consist of the bride, the bride’s mother, and the sponsors. It is therefore vital that you look for only the best wedding makeup tips. You have two options for the make up – hiring a makeup artist and doing the work on your own. Makeup is not usually worn everyday and during the wedding, you have to enhance your appearance.

Just in case you opt for natural looks, you can stick with natural colors. For the wedding, you have to use slightly stronger colors. Avoid using red lipstick and blue mascara! Emphasize your best features so that they can stand out in the photos. Never try a drastic makeup because you will only feel uncomfortable. Remember, this is your wedding day and you have to look your best. Most weddings have rehearsals and you can also test out the makeup just in case you’re hiring a makeup artist. You can also take photos to check if you look fabulous!

Wedding is the most special day for the couple and there will be ‘crying’ times. To ensure that your mascara will not come off, you have to use the waterproof one. Always go for long lasting makeup because it would be impossible to do some touchups. Here are more wedding makeup tips for you. You have to start applying the foundation and concealer. The foundation should match your skin as much as possible but going for a yellow toned product can also give your face a warmth touch. If you are using a low cut gown, you also have to apply the powder over the chest area.

Stick with matte makeup to avoid a sparkling look. If you are going to use shine products, you can apply it over the brow bones, middle of the lips, and cheekbones. The make up will depend on the season when the wedding will take place. If the wedding is going to be held during summer, you have to avoid shiny products. Colored lip gloss is ideal and use light formulas only. During winter, you can use a green concealer so that it can counteract with possible redness because of the cold day. Be careful when using mascara because the brown variety can make your eyes look tired. If you’re dark skinned, you can use black mascara but for fair skinned women, you can use dark navy to make the eyes whiter and bigger.

Whether you’re mature or a young bride, you will have to look your best. Learn the ways to apply the makeup properly and you will look gorgeous through the wedding makeup tips. You can also use make-ups that contain certain minerals so that you can also have a healthy glow on your skin. Make the right choice when getting the makeup kits and again, you have to pick the ones that will last throughout the day. The wedding should be memorable and you have to look great. Don’t forget to bring some essentials just in case you need some touchups.

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